Cheat Sheets

Walker’s Way Cheat Sheets are designed to make life easy.   Each option is a 1- page summary that you can download and print to post on your fridge, pantry or to keep in your grocery bag.  With so much information to navigate on proper nutrition for our children, these cheat sheets have done the work for you.  They take the headache out of knowing what is best for your child and help guide meal planning.

Please click on the images for a more detailed description of each cheat sheet.

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“Eating nutritious and balanced meals has always been important to me, but it became even more important after I had my two children. Meal time was always a stress. I am so thankful for Walker’s Way cheat sheets. It is evident that countless hours of research went into developing easy to use and access cheat sheets that make trips to the supermarket and meal prep a breeze!!  My little warriors get to experience new foods presented in fun ways thanks to the inspirational recipes and ingredients introduced to me through Walker’s Way. I am so grateful!!”   – Eva G. – New York


“Walker’s Way cheat sheets have been SO SO helpful to have on hand when I go shopping. Moving towards a plant based diet is new for our family, so having these cheat sheets to help with meal prep and to inform me of my plant based choices has been completely invaluable. Now I feel confident that I am feeding my family the best plant based food sources and making great headway on our plant based journey. Thank you Megan for providing such value to our pantry!  And overall health!”  Ashley Wilson, founder of


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