Grocery Store Workshop

*Grocery Store Workshops available for San Diego Locals only

For the busy parent, sometimes cheat sheets and meal maps are not enough.  This option is ideal for those that want more detailed information as to why these foods should be an integral part of your child’s diet and also saves the time and headache of trying to find each of them in the store.  Who has the time to wander aisles and find those organic hemp seeds?  This grocery store workshop is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with the whereabouts of each Walker’s Way pantry essential to save time at the grocery store and have more time for more important things, like playing, reading to and going on adventures with your little warrior!

How does it work?  I will meet you at the grocery store and we will go through each aisle so that you can learn about the products, how to incorporate them and where to find them quickly.  The Grocery Store workshop takes approximately 1 hour.  Grocery stores to choose from:

  • Lazy Acres Encinitas

  • Whole Foods Del Mar

  • Sprouts Encinitas

“Walker’s Way” Cheat Sheets and the Meal Map are great!  I am constantly referring to them.  The pantry & product essential sheet is particularly nice to have because it makes shopping so easy.  And the meal map saves me from googling recipes and wasting a lot of time.   As a busy mom, this is priceless!  But for me, the grocery store workshop was the most valuable part of our experience.  Like most people, I am visual, so the workshop got us excited and more engaged.   Overall, it was an awesome experience and we are excited about these lifestyle changes.”   -Karen S. –  San Diego


“When it comes to nutrition and exercise, no one can surpass the knowledge machine that is Megan Bert. Megan is passionate about helping others transform their health and lives through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Walker’s Way offers a simplified guideline that makes a usually complicated process easier to access and maintain.”   Maritza S – San Diego


“Megan is the most passionate and resourceful person I know when it comes to plant based nutrition.  She knows the benefits of eating a plant based diet and is such a fantastic advocate.  Megan introducted me this lifestyle and made it easier to understand the health benefits while also making the food prep easy and fun.  Walker’s Way is Megan’s way of connecting us all to better health!”  Mary H – San Diego


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