Manageable Meal Maps

Most meal plans designate specific meals for each day of the week which can be stressful and difficult on follow through.  Walker’s way manageable meal map is unique as it has been created to make meal planning easy because of its flexible, option-based design.  Plan meals based on mood, time available and what is available in your pantry.  Who has the time to make a last minute grocery run? With Walker’s Way Pantry Cheat Sheet on hand, this plan makes meals preparation as stress free as you can get!

Manageable Meal Map #1 –    28 different meals covering 35 days of meals!  Includes 10 Walker’s Way Recipes.

Manageable Meal Map #2 –    56 different meals covering 70 days of meals!  Includes 18 Walker’s Way Recipes.

Cheat Sheet & Meal Map Bundle –  Includes the 3 cheat sheets (Top 20 Optimum Nutrition, Pantry/Product Essentials and Nutritional Overview) and Meal Map #2

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“Having grown up in a household filled with processed foods, meats and sugars, I didn’t know where to begin when I decided I wanted to feed my children differently.   After watching the film, Forks Over Knives, I learned that a plant based whole foods approach is the safest, most nutritious way to live and I wanted to do what was best for my family, and myself!   Making change can be difficult and Walker’s Way made it easy.  The Cheat Sheets and Meal Map are amazing.  They made and continue to make a healthy lifestyle something I can accomplish and without spending tons of time trying to figure it out along the way.   Megan designed her program to meet the needs of busy moms who want the best for their kids and she definitely hit the nail on the head!   I have learned how to throw together quick meals and snacks and change it up daily.  After being part of Walker’s Way Facebook group and reading Megan’s daily blogs and tips, it became truly evident how passionate she is about plant based nutrition and helping others.  I am confident to say that I think any parent who tries Walker’s Way will be more than pleased.   Walker’s Way has become my way!”   Jessica L. – Florida


At first, I was reluctant about the cheat sheets and meal map.   I assumed it would be something I looked at once, tossed in the drawer and never used again.   I also assumed that the meal map would overwhelm me like most meal plans.  I am SO glad I decided to try them and wow, was I wrong!  As described, the meal map is “flexible” and “manageable” which makes it something I can easily use without frustration.  Better yet, with enthusiasm!  I actually look forward to sifting through the options each day to see what I feel like feeding my family.  And with Walker’s pantry essential cheat sheet, I always have the items on hand, so I literally can prepare anything I or my family is in the mood for.  Plus, each idea is so quick, easy, AND just as important, satisfying and tasty!   Knowing that I am feeding my family “fuel” as Megan likes to say, makes me feel really gratified as a parent.   I am so thankful for Walker’s Way cheat sheets and the meal map and I am so glad to be part of Walker’s Way blog so I can continue to get new ideas.   Thank you thank you thank you!   Emily H. –  New York


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