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*Personal Consultation & Optional Pantry Raid Add On are available for San Diego Locals only

“Having been Walker’s nanny for the past year, I have firsthand knowledge of the importance Megan puts on nutrition.   Each day I listen to her passionately speak about plant based fuel and how plants prevent and heal ailments.   She has such a rich knowledge which she loves to share in order to help others.  Having always wanted to be plant based but intimidated by change and where to even start, Megan has shown me how easy and delicious it can be.   Each day I watch her throw together a rainbow of organic produce and grains for Walker’s meals and I listen to her elaborate on how each food has their own magic; each nourishing, protecting and fueling our bodies.  She always has her go-to pantry staples on hand so she can quickly throw together a meal that is different from the last because she believes in always providing variety in order to expose Walker to an array of flavors and nutrients.   It has been and continues to be inspiring to listen to her and watch her put together foods.  And Walker is proof!  He is healthy, strong and focused.  He amazes me each day.  And Megan is solid muscle!  They both are truly plant-based warriors and I think Megan is such a resource for any mom looking to provide the best possible foods for their children.”     Leilani A – San Diego


“My experience with Walker’s Way has been invaluable to me and I highly recommend this program to any mother looking to provide nutritious meals and snacks for their kids.  Walker’s Way was particularly helpful because there is such an overwhelming amount of conflicting and false information out there.  Walker’s mom, Megan, has done the hard work for us. Not only does she have extensive knowledge in nutrition and plant based living, but she truly understands how busy and budget-minded mothers are. Walker’s Way recipes, meal plans and suggestions are quick and easy, but also packed with nutrition.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for Megan’s help and the guidance she has provided me.   Before I felt overwhelmed and now I feel excited.  I highly recommend Walker’s Way!”   Lydia P. – San Diego


Megan, thank you for the consultation!  I feel like I have my warrior weaponry for lots of easy plant-based meals! Sharing your knowledge was awesome to open my eyes to so many new options and I am hopeful for this journey with my son and husband (hope to get him mostly on board at least). All of your resources are so helpful and I plan to keep the meal map and cheat sheets on the kitchen counter so both my husband and I can stay focused on balanced nutrition for our son and ourselves even when life gets busy. You have helped to take some of the stress out of my grocery shopping adventure when I know the research has been done with everything you recommend. And glad to know some of my initial research was in line and don’t have to doubt my decisions!  The experience today was invaluable!  Karri L. — San Diego


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